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Posted By Shane Sevo on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 - 10:30

Time to build or rebuild your organization or business website? If so, then what you're looking for (whether you know it yet or not) is Drupal. Drupal has some incredibly powerful advantages over the competing platforms, and allows you an immense level of flexibility when it comes to what kind of website you build and how you populate it. Here are some highlights about Drupal that you're going to want to know before building your next website.

Drupal Allows You to Build Any Site You Can Imagine

Drupal website design University of Michigan
From a corporate intranet to a blog, university website, community forum to a customer review website -- Drupal has you covered.

Just to name a few of the types of website or website content you can build in a Drupal website ....

  • E-commerce
  • Blog
  • Community forum
  • Corporate intranet
  • Social network
  • News aggregators
  • Wikis
  • Photo galleries
  • Review sites

Drupal Allows You to Build a Site Nobody Has Yet Imagined

In addition to the numerous established formats listed above, Drupal is open source -- which means that it not only allows you to build what others have already paved the way to, it also allows you to build something entirely new, even if that means changing the source code of the program to do so. The highly configurable nature of Drupal, however, means that it makes no assumptions about your business or organization. Programming and extending Drupal to become the website you want is what is expected. It's built to allow a large measure of flexibility.

Drupal Provides Top-Level Security

In an age where data breaches are as common as soft drinks on a hot afternoon, Drupal provides a high level of security to keep your data, your customers data, and your website platform safe. Not sure how safe your Drupal website could be? Consider this, both the White House and the New York Stock Exchange utilize Drupal-powered websites.

Drupal Supports Multiple Users, Languages, and Custom Permissions

Multilingual drupal website design and development
Drupal allows you to provide users with support for multiple languages, which means it's perfect for your global corporate website.

Do you have lots of users all over the world who need support for multiple languages? Or perhaps you need to support different users with custom levels of permissions. You can do all of this using Drupal, which makes it ideal both for corporate websites to support global operations, and for consumer-facing websites designed to support users from all over the world.

Drupal is Open Source

Most businesses associate 'open source' with 'free software', and that is true. But they fail to realize all of the freedom that open source software comes with that has nothing to do with money. For example, it means that there is an entire community of support available to you. It means that no software vendor will stomp in demanding to audit your license compliance. Open source also means that it was developed in the real-world by real-world users, so it is generally as stable and reliable as computer software can be. Additionally, it is completely free of charge to download, use, and even to modify, if need be.

Do you know Drupal like we know Drupal? Do you want to? Contact us today and let's get started with your next web design project in Drupal.

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