What is 'UX' and How You Can Hire a Drupal Developer to do it Right

Posted By Shane Sevo on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 10:58

What is the difference between a website or ecommerce site that garners tons of regular visitors and wins lots of awards, versus the one that languishes on page 11 of Google searches and rarely gets a visitor, let alone a sale?

There are five things that go into a great website: 1. An appealing appearance, 2. Compelling content, 3. Smart functionality, 4. Intuitive usability and, 5. SEO (it can be found easily using a search engine). Whether you DIY or hire a Drupal developer to do it, here's what goes into a great-performing website.

Defining the User Experience

Hire a Drupal developer to employ good User experience UX
Make it pretty (View the Junxure Project Profile). Don't make them hunt for info they need. These are the basics of providing a solid UX, or user experience.

The user experience is a person's complete and total experience when using a website. What goes into a stellar user experience that they want to have again and share with others, versus the one nobody ever wants to have again? As mentioned, the website has to be attractive. But it can't just be a pretty face; it also has to be filled with interesting, relevant, timely, convenient content. What do your visitors first want to know? What are return users coming for? Identify these things and make that content readily available on your site. Make it easy to navigate to find what visitors are looking for, and any functionality built in has to work well.

Delivering the User Experience

In order to deliver a remarkable user experience, you have to make it attractive, easy to use, and responsive. Responsive website design is a design that changes dynamically in order to deliver the best possible user experience no matter what device or interface the user is accessing the website from. Today's website visitors come using smartphones, tablets, notebooks, laptops, or full-size desktop computers.

Your website has to be able to accommodate all of these while looking good and maintaining a high level of functionality. Since functionality usually requires a high degree of technical skill, you may need to hire an experienced Drupal developer to build this for you.

A good user experience also includes things like a fast load time. You have to make sure that users with strong, fast Internet connections get the same UX as users with spotty or slow service. This means properly sizing and compressing photos, using scripts properly, taking care with the fonts and color combinations you use, and more. You also must learn to prioritize your users' needs. What are they coming for? How can you make that content as easy as possible to find? Simplicity is another critical element in building a great UX.

Delivering the User Experience Via the Drupal Content Management System

Drupal is powerful enough to develop any user experience you can dream up, but you often need to hire a Drupal developer to employ user experience design principles along with all of the artistic and technical skill to do it right.

As you can see, it's a balance of art and science to build a good website. It takes the artistic know-how of putting colors together that look nice, selecting fonts that are both attractive and readable, and developing content that's pleasing to read as well as informative. On the scientific side, it requires the technical skills to build and populate the site so that it delivers a strong UX in terms of functionality.

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