American Defense Manufacturing products are 100 percent designed and built in the U.S.A. Their products are designed by shooters with one goal, Customer Satisfaction. Likewise, this custom website was designed and built from the ground up to the exact branding standards of ADM Firearms.


Establishing a unique brand takes time and attention to detail.  Taking your brand online requires that you reformat your branding materials to the web.  ADM had a very specific archive of branding photos and key product line features that needed to translate to their website.  The new site needed to be ready in time for the annual Shot Show expo.  Visitors to the site needed to be connected to a dealer for immediate purchase.


Commercial Progression built a Drupal website with a mobile friendly responsive design, and we did it quick.  This design was structured around key branding photos provided by ADM.  Working directly with the photographer, we were able to select the very best photos for placement online.  The new site conveys the power of the brand and is ready to expand with the product line.  Delivered in time for promotion at the Shot Show expo and complete with a custom dealer locator.


  • Mobile-friendly responsive design

  • Custom theming

  • Dealer locator

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