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The Detroit Zoological Society's (DZS) Center for Zoo Animal Welfare is a resource center for captive animal welfare knowledge; a convener and forum for exotic animal welfare science, practice and policy discussions; and a center conducting research and training, and recognizing advances in exotic animal welfare.


Maintaining timely releases of scholarly work is just one of the many functions of this website.  Video and audio podcast archives serve as a media resource library for regular conferences in the zoological research field. These media rich content items need to be easily updated and searchable by a world wide audience of collaborators.


Commercial Progression is proud to support the Zoological Society with a media rich Drupal website resource portal.

The 2015 relaunch of this website featured the implementation of a fresh mobile responsive design ready for mobile phones and tablets. Drupal's powerful content management features allowed for the creation of new content types to handle all of the Zoological Society's content. Projects, resources, events, and media rich content types all live inside of the Drupal framework.


  • Mobile responsive design
  • Integrated media archive
  • 50% increase in page views
  • 30% better bounce rate 

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