The University of Michigan's Health Management Research Center (HMRC) is dedicated to health and wellness research for individuals, organizations, and the global community.  Commercial Progression helped the HMRC reach out to their global community through a responsive redesign of their Drupal website.


There are few things in life that we put more value on than our health. Presenting analysis on 1 billion data points of health management research to the healthcare industry is challenging.  The HMRC needed to establish an accessible web portal for their products, services, and health education resources.  A key goal of the HMRC centered around building a website to accommodate each of these content types in a responsive design for easy access by all devices.


Using the rich taxonomy structure of Drupal, the HMRC was able to organize many different types of information resources into one site.  Webinars, ebooks, and research publications can all be published to the Drupal platform alongside traditional web pages.  Pages were constructed to highlight products and services for audiences that are looking for immediate support.


  • Mobile-friendly responsive design

  • Launched on time for annual conference

  • Advanced site search feature

  • Over 200 publications archived online

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